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Joints Health & Pain

orthomax supplement for healthy joints 

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Orthomax  a highly effective supplement with anti inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients  that can provide joint relief from stiffness and improve flexibility. It  help rebuild cartilage and connective tissue and support joint and bone health on multiple levels. Taken as directed, this comprehensive formula can


  • Helps regulate joint cells to behave in healthy ways.
  • Protects integrity & movability of joints  
  • Safely and effectively manage pain and cartilage degradation.
  • Potent Antioxidant properties that lead to reduce joint inflammation & deterioration.
  • Clinically shown to decrease pain & inflammation in osteoarthritis
  • Absorbed up to 29 times more effectively than standard curcumin extracts


Indications for use:

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis.


Dosage and Administration:

2-3  capsules daily or as 
prescribed by physician

Contraindications: None


Side Effects: None


Adverse Effects: None



30 capsules in unit carton along with the insert



Extracts of Boswellia Serrata,  Curcuma Longa , Withania Somnifera , Piper longum , Alpinia galangal Commifera mukul Zinjibar officinalis &   Chondroitin sulfate  Glucosamin sulfate


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