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myoxidant supplement for heart health 

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As a potent Myocardial antioxidant combination of nutraceuticals  MYOXIDANT® exhibits itself as a qualitatively and quantitatively effective scavenger of free radicals.

Myoxidant  takes full use of its Potent antioxidant capacity by virtue of its most potent and diversified antioxidants.

Following are its pharmacological properties  along with its innate antioxidant property .

Potent antioxidant (Scavenger of ROS)

As stated earlier oxidative stress and Reactive oxygen species ROS have a major role in developing Ischemia induces Myocardial diseases. Therefore MYOXIDANT® is formulated in a way to combat oxidative stresses of various etiology.


Direct Antioxidant effect:

MYOXIDANT® has a direct free radicles scangaving effect by virtue of its potent antioxidant properties absorbing electrons from free radicles.


Effects on cellular and mitochondrail Antioxidant systems


MYOXIDANT® has a potent indirect antioxidant by modulating cellular and mtochondrial antioxidant defence systems such as SOD , catalases and glutathione peroxidases.


Oxidative stress { Improving innate antioxidant defense enzymes} :

Modulation {Increased resistance / Endurance) } of response to ischemia reperfusion injury & Modulation of oxidative stress in Vascular & myocardial cells.


Several active ingredients of this formulation such as withaferins , Catechins, tannins have definite modulator effect on ischemia reperfusion induced myocardial injuries.


Over all synergistic effect of the formulation is a better tolerability to ischemia reperfusion induced pro-inflammatory responses by free radicals


Indications for use: As a Cardiac antioxidant and support supplement in cardiac diseases As Angina, CHF etc


Dosage and Administration: 

Usual Dosage is 1-2 capsule a day as a vitamin syupplement


Contraindications: None


Side Effects: None


Adverse Effects: None



30 capsules in unit carton along with the insert