Licorice Extract Series


Licorice Extract Paste /Glycyrrhiza glabra / Glycyrrhiza uralensis

Licorice from centuries is known to be a great medicine since it can be combined with numerous prescriptions and has harmony and co-adjustment effects. Afghan licorice is prized for its valueable contents of active ingredients. We take highest quality of raw material & make use of latest manufacturing techology to produce best grade of licorice products.
Licorice extract is made by extracting high quality licorice roots, separating and purifying extract and concentrating it. It has various pharmacological effects


The USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) includes licorice and licorice derivatives on its list of substances considered Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).


U.S. Natural Standard “Positive List” of Ingredients as recommended by the Natural Products Steering Committee, and approved by the Association’s Board


Physical and chemical properties

Specified Analytical Values [<]

Activities & Actions: 

Applications & Uses

CAS NO.:          1405-86-3


Mol Formula:     C42H62O16


Mol. Mass:         822.93 g/mol



Synonyms:         Glycyrrhizin



HTC Code:         2938.90

Physical state:           


Taste characteristic:









Cosmetic/Personal Care




Anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant
Increase skin elasticity, penetration enhancer,

moisturizing and hydration, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, calms visible irritation

Eliminate aftertaste, enhance and extend sweetness, enhance flavors, enhance mouthfeel


Brown Thick paste   


Sweet, Characteristic



Soluble in water and hydro-alcohol                     solutions at recommended dosage                       levels; soluble in glycerine and                           propylene glycol, and low pH solutions


Food, beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cosmetics, oral health products, skin protection, animal and pet products.

Glycyrrhizic Acid content:     3-15 %


liquiritin:                                0.4-0.7 %


Glabridin:                                0.0 - 4 %

Loss on Drying:                       35-40 %


Ash:                                        7-10 %