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Joints Health & Pain

cranila uti support



Cranberry Juice extract & Sea bukthorn juice along with other nutrients for a healthy urinary tract!

One serving of Cranilla Cranberry is equal to a glass of cranberry juice. Made with clinically proven cranberry juice, a super-concentrated cranberry extract + seabukthorn juice Cranberry helps flush to maintain urinary tract cleanliness.*


Indications for use:

Urinary tract infections


Dosage and Administration:

2 teaspoon full 2-3 times daily


Contraindications:  None

Side Effects: None


Adverse Effects: None



120 ml bottle in unit carton along with the insert



Each 10ml contains extract or extracted from following in a sugar free naturally falvoured syrup. 

Cranberry, Seabukthorn, black current, D mannose, Phylanthus emblica, Corn silk Extract.

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